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    Putco LED Festoon Stick Replacement Bulb

    ***AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST***, LED Festoon Stick Replacement Bulb; Dome 150;
  • POWERFULL LUMACORE LED BULBS PERFECT FOR REVERSE LIGHTS, BRAKE LIGHTS, TURN SIGNALS, LICENCE PLATE LIGHTS AND MORE A brighter LED bulb that creates a 360 viewing angle for better, overall light emission with reduced hot spots. COPPER CORE Our LEDs have high-quality copper coated core for superior lux. DIGITAL POLARITY Reversable contact points, compatible with all new make and models. NO WARNING LIGHTS Error-free performance, compatible with Putco's Plug&Play resistor kits to ensure zero CANBUS interference. PACKAGING Each bulb clearly outlines the part number, the color of the bulb included in the set, the quantity of SMD leds used on each bulb, and includes a line drawing with measurements for each set. TRY ME BUTTON Each LumaCore package come with a try me button allowing the customer to see the high quality light output, as well as the opportunity to test the new Quick Pulse series. BRIGHTER QUICK PULSE FUNCTION (HC-Series) Once the brake has been engaged and illuminated the bulbs will perform a 3 measure quick pulse function. The quick .8 second pulse helps alert others on the road when you are slowing down. 3 DIFFERENT COLORS These LumaCore bulbs come in three different colors, White, Red and Amber. 1 YEAR WARRANTY, LumaCore; BA9S/756 Bulb Type; White; Pair;