Truck Recovery Accessories

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  • TruckClaws TruckClaws Commercial Truck Kit

    TruckClaws Commercial Kits are made of heavy-duty steel and are for commercial vehicles with a GVW rating of 30k lbs. or higher. Multiple kits can be added for even more traction. Two kits (four claws) are recommended for very large loads. For lighter vehicles such as pickup trucks and SUCs, purchase TruckClaws II instead. If you are tired of expensive wrecker trucks and hours of downtime, TruckClaws should be standard equipment on your Big Rig. TruckClaws Commercial are made of high grade carbon steel making them durable, reusable, and powerful traction aid that can get your large truck unstuck from snow, ice, and sand or mud fast and safely., Emergency Tire Traction Aid; (2) Claws Included; (3) 48" Staps; (3) Ratchets; (1) Carrying Case
  • Save Time and Money - TruckClaws II Emergency Tire Traction Aid was designed specifically to get you on your way in minutes without calling for assistance or expensive two trucks. They install quickly and easily, and unlike a winch, TruckClaws do not require a nearby tree or rock to tie down to. TruckClaws II should be stowed in every truck you and your family members own. The top choice for light-duty trucks, pickups, RVs, and SUVs., Emergency Tire Traction Aid; (2) Claws Included; (2) 48" Staps; (2) Ratchets; (1) Carrying Case
  • Extender Bars are useful when you are really stuck and need additional grip. If your truck is dug in very deep and essentially stuck on high center, extender bars can also help get you out. Laying a log, tree limb, or piece of lumber parallel to the tire and then having the extender bar come down on it slowly, can lift your vehicle out. Extender bars are inteded for use when stuck in deep mud or even sand. We do not recommend use in the snow as it is possible that the extender bar can come loose from the cleat and get lost in deep snow. We strongly advise ONLY using extender bars on your rear drive wheels so there are no issues with clearance. To use your extender bars you simply slide them into the traction cleat until they are stopped by the pre-installed set screw. Always attempt recovery without the extender bars first. This will make sure everything it tightened properly and set correctly before sliding the Extender bars into position., (2) 10" inch Extender Bars for TrackClaws II Traction Aid Kit